About Us

My Pacific – where the heart lies

Pacific Island cultures revolve around family. Our love for our families, and the support we give them (even when we’re away from them) is an important part of who we are.

At My Pacific, we’re Islanders. We understand how important it is to give back to our families and our homeland; to take care of our elders; and to contribute to important events like weddings, funerals, chief ceremonies, and so on. Even if you’re not living in the Islands, it’s still a big part of being an Islander.

Our goal at My Pacific is to nurture. Our service helps you to nurture your families. The way we have set it up, and the suppliers we choose to work with, allows us to nurture our homelands by supporting local businesses. We want to nurture our unique Island values, and make our incredible Island relationships more accessible, not just within the Pacific, but worldwide.

Wholesale purchasing power
Bulk buying saves you money, and lets you give more to your families, for less. My Pacific has secured the support of a number of wholesale companies throughout the Pacific, so you can get excellent bulk deals for your families.

Smaller supermarket orders
If bulk buying doesn’t suit your family, we also partner with a number of supermarket chains. You can either buy the items that your family needs, or you can buy them a shopping voucher and they can choose for themselves, up to the full value of the voucher.

Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, and beyond
My Pacific is starting from established networks with the business communities of Samoa, as well as adding the same services for Tonga, and Fiji. We plan to extend across the rest of the Pacific in time.

These are only a few of the My Pacific services that customers can enjoy, and we hope to continue to provide more shopping options that help you stay connected and show your families the love, support and respect that is so important to us all.

“No matter how far you go in life, never forget where you came from.”