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Made for pleasing everyone. Made for family.
This is perfect for a your family for the week.
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1 x Punjas Breakfast Cracker 2kg

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1 x Slice Bread Square

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USP Local Eggs Dozen

1 x Fresh Eggs

High-quality protein helps build muscles and allows people to feel full longer and stay energized, which can help them maintain a healthy weight.

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1 x Meadow Lea Spread 250g

Meadow Lea Original is great as a spread, ingredient, for shallow frying, baking or sautéing. Meadow Lea is a premium spread available in convenient catering packs.

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1 x Hot Drinks Nescafe Classic Coffee 100g

Nescafe Classic has a unique taste and is a familiar coffee that consumers know and love from home.

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1 x Lamb Flaps Stir Fry Lamb Flaps

Flap is prepared from a Breast and Flap by a straight cut between the 4th and 5th ribs and consisting of the remaining caudal portion and abdominal muscles.

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Sugar 2kg

1 x Sugar 2kg

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1 x Rice 1kg

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